17 Oz Ombre Frosted Sublimation or other usages Straight Skinny Tumbler

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Frosted Glass with the ombre color of your choice on the bottom. (Not Pearl/Glitter Finish)
Straight (non-tapered)

Due to sur Charges in some Areas  for shipping. we may contact you regarding your order if this occurs... 

Each tumbler includes:

-Glass Tumbler
-Bamboo lid
-Gift Box (Please Note the White Boxes do Get Bent During the Shipping Processes so they may or may not be perfect) 

We are not responsible for replacement if they should break and crack during the sublimation process. After sublimation, do not use cold water or cool air to speed the cooling process.

Suggested Settings:

Manufacturer's instructions
Tumbler/Mug Press
Preheat the press to 380°F - time to 180 sec-pressure light/medium

Convection Oven
Temp 380°F for 6 mins; rotate every 2-3 mins.