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Rustic Transfer Foil 10x12 Sheet

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Foil adds depth and dimension to all garments, Tumblers, Key chains, and Many Many other items!  it results in unique products that can't be duplicated using any other decorating methods. Now sold in 12" wide x 10in sheets in many different colors, your designs are only limited to your imagination. Foils do not have an adhesive layer of their own so they must be applied with a glue (For Key Chains and Tumblers We reccoment Tack it Glue... You may notice small gaps in the foil on your garment, and items that’s because foils don’t actually offer full coverage. It’s normal for small pieces to get left behind on the foil sheet. This gives the foil a bit of a distressed look that’s very popular. If you want an even more distressed look, crumple the foil before  application.


Please Note: We do not have The Big Cutting machines. WE cut all of our rolls by hand... There could be slight imperfections in the sizing (we do cut the sheet bigger just in case this happens)  Also crumpling can occur during Shipping.. We will Do everything possible to protect this from happening however if a lot of items are ordered together Some Bending is possible (Which just gives the Foil more Character)