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Spooky Green 1 oz Jar Mica Powder

Spooky Green 1 oz Jar Mica Powder

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Spooky Green : 1 oz by weight Jar! 

Add a boost of shine to your DIY projects with our Mica Powder...

 You’ll find that even the smallest amount of powder will produce stunning results. Mix these powders right into resin, paints, polymer clay, candle decorations, and so much more. You can even blend colors together to create custom shades and develop one-of-a-kind crafts.

For Super Sparkle Add our "Crushed Crystals" in the mix...

You can be confident that these powders will retain their vibrant color once added to your medium of choice. Plus, they’re non-toxic, so creators of all levels can enjoy using them. Organize and store them easily with the convenient container it comes in, and start creating brilliant DIY creations.

 Our mica powders can be used alongside pouring paint to allow your paintings to really stand out. This  Mica Powder can do it all. Secure yours today!

How to add mica powder to epoxy resin:

Mix the resin (Part A) and hardener (Part B) components together thoroughly first, then you mix in the mica powder.

How to Dust a Silicone Mold With Mica Powder

  • Use a clean, dry paintbrush with a small bristle width (about ¼” or so, for small molds) to apply the mica powder directly to the silicone mold.
  • Use a separate paintbrush to apply each color.
  • To remove any misplaced mica powder from an area, wipe it away gently with the tip of a cotton swab dampened with alcohol, and allow to dry completely.
  • Gently shake any excess mica powder out of the mold before filling with your mixed epoxy.
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