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Definitely Alcohol Because Mommin' Ain't Easy UV 16 oz Wrap

Definitely Alcohol Because Mommin' Ain't Easy UV 16 oz Wrap

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9.7x 4.3 inches wide (Fits a 16 oz Glass can or can be cut and used as a decal set) 


Elevate your creations with our UV DTF Decals and Wraps!!

They are created using UV DTF (Direct-to-Film) printing technology. They are vibrant, water-resistant and have incredible durability. These decals are designed to be applied to almost all hard substrates.
 Colors may vary based on lighting, material and computer monitor coloring.
To apply a UVDTF decal, you can follow these steps:
1. Wash the surface of the substrate with soap and water (no alcohol) and let dry.
2. Squeegee the back of the decal prior to peeling.
3. Peel the backing away and carefully align and lay the design onto your substrate. Due to the advanced adhesive, they are almost impossible to reposition, so make sure you are certain of the placement before actually peeling the backing off.
4. Use your thumbs first, then the felt side of the squeegee to firmly press the design into the surface. This gets rid of any bubbles and adheres the design to the substrate.
5. Peel the top layer away SLOWLY.
The above steps are general guidelines. The specific application process may vary depending on the type of substrate material you are using.

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