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Sparkly MeMaw LLC

Lemon Yellow Pigment Paste

Lemon Yellow Pigment Paste

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50 Gram Jar

 resin colorant

Can be mixed into epoxy, drizzled in or base coated. Also, direct drip into thick coat epoxy.

Mix 3-10 drops per 20 ml or until desired color. Amount of Drops needed will vary by color.
Our  Paste are Best on light colored Bases. 

Shake Well Before Each Use! 

Do not store in extreme cold or heat as it will cause defects in products.
Keep products out of direct sunlight when storing.
If epoxy is tacky after using this, you used to much paste or did not Correctly Mix! 
These products will stain!!! 
Please follow all safety standards for epoxy when using this product.
We are not responsible or liable for damage caused from improperly using this product.
Keep all resin products away from children!! 
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