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Sparkly MeMaw LLC

Neon Mica Powder Pigment Enhancer Bundle (6 Colors)

Neon Mica Powder Pigment Enhancer Bundle (6 Colors)

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These Colors are a bright neon that emits a beautiful glow under fluorescent light. These pigments are NON-TOXIC and the highest quality available for all of your crafting needs!

Sizes Available: Set of 6 (1 oz jars) total of 6 OZ 

Colors included: Neon Yellow, Neon blue, Neon Green, Neon Orange, Neon Pink, Neon Purple! 

Use this powdered pigment to bring your projects to life! Can be used in epoxy resin, candles, slime, jewelry, bath bombs*, nail polish and more!

This product is safe for use in nail polish. If you plan to use this pigment to create bath bombs, we highly recommend adding polysorbate 80 to avoid staining of the skin and/or bathtub*

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